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Generate Creatives

What all you need to use the creative API

Genie's creative API lets you instantly generate files of all specs without having to repeat the same steps over and over. One-click adaptation into different aspect ratios, dimensions, and formats - all from a single source design.

Check out how to send a sample request.

Get Storyboard ID

  • Got to Kubric Studio
  • Select a pre-existing storyboard or build a new one.
    ✔️ Grab the storyboard ID from the copy button

Get API Key

Skip this step if you already have your API Key handy from the Developer app console.

Get Workspace ID

  • You can find the Workspace ID on the Developer app console.
    ✔️ Grab the Workspace ID from the copy button.

Check out the API Reference to see the HTTP Request in action.

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Generate Creatives

What all you need to use the creative API

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