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What is Genie?

A makerspace for content & design apps

Meet Genie

Get started with Kubric using easy guides & detailed docs to help you with building your very own content design tool. Use APIs for visual content, graphics, communication, and share your creativity with the world.

You can ask a question with the "Ask a question :hand:" button on the top-right if you have any doubts. We are always here to help.

Why create designs through the Genie API

Genie can help you create custom creatives with just a few clicks. Magical authoring with this API stack means you never have to repeat those edits - ever again.

Edit and multiply any format - videos, images or GIFs, all from the same workspace. Work your files in so many different ways - make overlay edits, change backgrounds, add cool visual effects and more.

Genie lets you instantly generate files of all specs without having to repeat the same steps over and over. One-click adaptation into different aspect ratios, dimensions, and formats - all from a single source design.

There are 2 key components to make Genie work -
The StoryBoard & The API call.

The API uses the storyboard to generate creatives. A storyboard is made up of shots, which is made by our markup language - The shot config.
To learn more about the Markup, the Shot, and the StoryBoard, see this next section
To dive right into our APIs, start with our creative API

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What is Genie?

A makerspace for content & design apps

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